The Expert

Barbara Gabogrecan

The Expert in Dog Behaviour Training

For over 30 years I have bred, exhibited, judged and trained dogs in Australia. The name ‘Barbara Gabogrecan’ is synonymous with dog judging and dog behaviour training. I have been around dogs all my life. Initially, the dogs I grew up with were working farm dogs, mainly cross bred Border Collies and Kelpies. As a child, it always amazed me how Dad could get these dogs to muster sheep and cattle simply with a series of whistles!

I have shown Dalmatians, Maltese, a Miniature Schnauzer, a Boxer, Australian Terriers, and an Akita and have bred over 60 litters. I am now training Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for TV work and photo shoots, using the clicker method of dog training.

I want to share with you just how to use this remarkable form of training, to not only get the best response from your dog, but to have both you and your dog totally enjoy the experience.

However, I am aware that travelling to dog training classes can be very time consuming and not really suited to our current lifestyle. Consequently, I have developed a series of classes using text, photos and the all important video to demonstrate not only what to do, but how to do it.

The online Dog Training Ecademy brings my knowledge, expertise and sense of fun, together with you and your dog. I am sure we will all enjoy the experience!

Barb showing Kee