The Course

What Do You Learn?

Not only will you learn how to train your dog for the basic commands of:-

Cooper Sitting Watermarked_200Cooper Standing_200Cooper lying down_200

1. Come
2. Drop and Sleep
3. Sit
4. Stand
5. Stay

But you will also learn how to teach him a number of tricks, such as:-

Begging 200Cooper at workSherlock Sitting closeUp

6. Beg/Dance
7. Bow
8. Computer Nerd
9. Costumes
10. Die (Play Dead)
11. Fetch
12. Mark
13. Postman
14. Pray
15. Roll over
16. Shake
17. Speak
18. Stair Etiquette
19. Target (Heel, Limp)
20. Wait
21. Zig Zag
22. Move backwards

New tricks and videos will be added from time to time and participants will be notified.  You will be able to access all of these with no further cost.