About the Ecademy

If you are you looking for the ultimate online dog training course to help you educate your dog, the ‘Dog Training Ecademy’ provides a huge array of dog training tips and tricks to enable you to not only train your dog, but for you and your dog to enjoy the training process.

The main quality you need when training a dog, is to have patience. Getting angry with your dog when training it will get you nowhere and can make your dog afraid of training, which is the last thing you want!

The description of each skill, ‘step by step’ procedures, photos and videos will provide you with online dog training solutions that will help you train your dog to be a good citizen, while both of you enjoy the experience.

If you want to train your dog how to do the activities shown in the video below, then join the Dog Training Ecademy for the very low cost of AU$37 for a lifetime membership.  This little dog ‘Cooper’ was trained through the Ecademy.